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Voice Drop

Silk Media Technologies offers Voice Drop service to enterprise users and large business houses for their mass marketing communication. Our Voice Drop service broadcast audio/music to thousands of audiences at one click. Enterprise can use Voice drop service for their mass communication such as, Product Launch invitation, Alerts, Promos etc.
    Cost Effective Marketing Campaign.

    Pay as you go model.

    Touch Millions of customers at one single click.
How it Works
    User Just upload audio/ sound  file and audience contact information as CSV.

    Schedule Campaign immediately/ future date  and embrace your audience through Voice.

    Capture Campaign response rate.
Business Case
silkmedia_voicedrop    Announce Company News.

silkmedia_voicedrop    Broadcast Emergency Alerts.

silkmedia_voicedrop    Event Invitation.

silkmedia_voicedrop    Product Launch.

silkmedia_voicedrop    Educational Institutions Notifications.

silkmedia_voicedrop    Political Campaigns.

silkmedia_voicedrop    Business Promotions / Advertisements.

silkmedia_voicedrop    Festival Greetings.

silkmedia_voicedrop    Retailers Discount updates.
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