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We are in pursuit of perfection and of customer ecstasy


   Pan India Launch of “Meeting Junction” – Global Audio, PC and Video conferencing solutions in       partnership with BSNL – available in prepaid & postpaid options.

   Supply & Maintenance of over 800,000 units of Integrated Fixed Wireless Terminals (IFWT) and      accessories to BSNL ( all 23 circles) Integrated Digital Signage and Healthcare applications for       hospitals

   Successfully deployed Hybrid Wimax/WiFi mesh architecture with mobility for “Unwire
      Bangalore” pilot project – first time implementation of this technology in India.

   Integrated IP Surveillance solutions for “Vidhan Soudha” security program

   Broadband on Demand provisioning to over 1000 homes in partnership with Railtel.

   Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Deployments and service provisioning in partnership with BSNL
A next generation company built by a group of passionate people with shared egalitarian beliefs and monolithic ideals and principles
"We are in pursuit of perfection and of customer ecstasy through continuous improvement in everything we do"
- Shastri Divakaruni
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