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PC Conferencing is a cost-effective and easy-to-use Web Conferencing solution that allows users to easily share applications and their entire desktop. Silk Conferencing provides a shared work space for online meeting collaboration with no downloads required for participants.

In addition, Web Conferencing solutions allow on-line document sharing in a secure environment, increasing productivity and cost-savings for businesses.

PC conferencing allows anyone, anywhere to conduct presentations with prospective customers, perform live demonstrations in real time, collaborate on documents with colleagues and provide training to customers and employees.
    Right tool for the Job for online collaboration and business meetings with secure technology.

    Easy meeting scheduling with an interface to Outlook Calendar and Lotus Notes.

   Full featured organizer interface to manage the participants and audio interfaces (VOIP) for the       convenience of meeting Administrator.

    Screen and document sharing including drawing and annotation.

    Instant-Messaging integration to Yahoo, MSN, Skype and Google Talk.

    Webinars for online structured events to broadcast to up to 1000 people.

    Recording & Retrieval of conference proceedings.
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