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Network storage is another vertical where SMT can provide customized solutions. The solutions range from DAS, NAS & SAN to a limited extent.

We have partnered with two US based Major Global Players in Networked Storage to provide DAS, NAS & SAN Solutions. We also have partnership with Israeli company for Wider Range of Solutions.

Storage partner’s command 69% domestic market share in NAS segment & over 20% in NAS+SAN.

The Storage efficient unified model incorporates

   Unified storage Architecture with FC-SAN, NAS, and iSCSI connectivity.

   Single application interface.

   Management tools and software.

   Simple pain free non disruptive upgrades.

   Customized solutions to any requirement with minimal investment and lead time.

The storage efficiency is optimized by

   Hardware delivering increased storage density and better software performance.

   Software delivering storage virtualization, data reduction and data protection.

   Other Capabilities come as standard part of system without extra license costs.

The Technologies deployed for optimization of storage space given below

   De duplication-saves up to 95%.

   Thin provisioning- 33% savings.

   Double parity raid- 46% savings.

   Snapshot copies- 80% savings.

  Thin replication- 95% savings.

   Virtual clones- 80% savings.
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