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M - Tickets
M-Tickets are to displaying a ticket on the screen, in the form of a barcode. After completing the ticketing transaction over the mobile/web, the bar-coded mobile ticket could be downloaded via a mobile site. The dematerialized bar-coded ticket containing all the information is thus stand-alone and the data no longer have to be retrieved from a data bank located on-line or remotely. M-Tickets can also be timer based or stocked ones, generated per request with the validity period and the count. M-Ticketing system can track and log the requests and redemptions.
SMS4APPOINTMENTS is a mobile appointment service platform, which allows customers to look at the appointment calendar through their mobile for a service provider. This service helps clinics, hospital, beauty salons, fitness centers, restaurants and automobile dealers for managing, tracking and analyzing their appointments. This service platform supports both SMS and GPRS based appointment booking. System also has the facility to send reminder SMS to customers for an upcoming appointment.
m-CASH is an innovative savings and payment system, converts any mobile phone to a micro bank. This new mobile savings and payment system is based on scratch cards and enabled by any SMS enabled mobile phone for the unbanked.
mBanking is a new suite of services for the banking industry, enabling secure and direct multi-channel interaction with customers–over SMS, WAP and rich phone-based client. mBanking enables banks to interact with customers in real-time through mobile alerts, marketing campaigns, and two-way banking services. Banks can instantly deliver critical information to their customers’ mobile devices, no matter where they’re located.
80plus80 is a free SMS portal where the mobile users can send free SMS to any mobile. These free SMS is restricted to 80 characters while the other 80 characters contain advertisements. Enterprises can use this advertisement option to reach out consumers of their target based on age, location, preferences etc. This service helps enterprises for promotion, niche marketing, cross selling and brand promotion.
m-CDS is a platform that enables mobile operators, service providers, and enterprises to deliver a variety of content to mobile users. mCDS can support content types such as ring tones, images and wallpapers.
m-Coupons is an innovative system for mobile barcode coupons, allowing retailers to capitalize on instant redemption or immediate confirmation for fulfillment. Retailers can create and provision m-coupons on a daily basis and publish mobile coupons to their loyal customers through opt-in subscription service. It is a powerful web hosted solution, which can collect and track response rates by customer, place, and effectiveness of offer.
X-Ad turns printed Advertisement and Display Ads into an interactive medium. This value added service generates extra revenue from the advertiser. X-Ad turns your conventional advertisement into pre sales support without any additional expenditure. Advertisers can directly measure response rates, consumer preferences, build SMS lists, and calculate ROI from local advertising like never before.
m-Broker is an on-device mobile application framework for consumer services. Businesses can integrate with this framework to bring out their existing internet services into this mobile VAS platform, examples include: Secure Mobile banking (Regular and Micro Finance), Lead Generation Services, Mobile Coupons and Mobile tickets, Ad-Supported Content, User Generated Content, Mobile Tracking Service, Mobile Subscription Services, Bill Pay, etc
Web-based self service SMS platform for operators to sell SMS services to any SMEs. Integrates with any business solutions to provide mobility service in any vertical. Businesses can launch two way mobile messaging services to their customers. Its strength is the simplicity in generating custom SMSs from Enterprise Information Systems and sending to the recipients without much human interventions.
Internet and Mobile Booking solution framework -"ReserveGuru" - helps travel or entertainment service providers enhance their customer reach through an extended distribution system, offer richer customer experience. ReserveGuru Improves efficiency, accountability, transparency and responsiveness and enables more cost-effective collection of revenues, enhances revenue collection.
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