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Silk Media Technologies offers state of the art IP-PBX system to Enterprise. Our system facilitate Enterprise to deliver voice over a data network i.e. IP-network and plain old telephone system i.e. Circuit switching. Using IP-PBX system enterprise can take office desk telephone system to their computer. Our IP-PBX system comes with compelling features which are required for modern enterprise and it interoperates with conventional standard telephony systems and Voice over IP.

   Affordable, Significant Cost saving for long distance Call.

   Feature Rich.

   Maintenance Free and Web Based Management System.

   Increase Mobility and Productivity.
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  Call Forwarding.

  Call Transfer.

  Voice Mail.

  User Management.

  Credit Management.

  Group Management.

  Follow-me & Follow –me with Voice mail.

  Call Screening/ Blacklist.

  Do not Disturb.

  Speed Dial.

  DID Management.

  Call Recording.


  Automatic Number Identification/ Caller Line Identification.

  Custom Music on Hold & Transfer.
   Click to Call.

  Call Barging / Call Monitoring.

  Interactive Voice Response.


  Queue Management / Automatic Call Distribution.

  Unified Messaging ( Email to Fax, Fax to Email and Web to Fax).

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