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GPS Tracking Applications

Track and protect your vehicles and drivers anywhere, anytime, real-time!
SMT is equipped to offer tracking solutions of varying complexity to consumers and commercial customers. 

Never has tracking been this convenient or user-friendly. Self manage vehicles and drivers via an easy to use website, or use any cell phone to query a vehicle’s whereabouts and receive immediate event notifications.
Key Offering includes :
    Real-time tracking to pinpoint the exact, current Position, Speed, Distance, Stoppage.

    Find closest vehicle allows you to find the nearest vehicle to a customer.

    Real-time notification of entry into no-go zones and other user-defined geofences via e-mail or as        a text.

    Message to your mobile phone.

   Movement reports that show you the locations from where your vehicles departed, where they         arrived at and how many visits were made.

    Tabular, dynamic status reports showing current vehicle activity.

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