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For Small and Medium Enterprises

Silk Media Technologies provide effective communication products and solutions to SME segments. SMEs are increasingly being challenged by competitive pressures in the present time where globalization of operations and business process outsourcing are the order of the hour. The cost restrictions become one of the threats. Silk Media offers cost effective communication solutions which includes TDM based Audio Conferencing, IP based PC/Web Conferencing and IP based Video Conferencing. It is fully flexible and customized as per the requirements. Silk Conference portal interface gives this solution an edge over any other providers in the market today. The customized features and options available on our conferencing platforms and the unmatched service quality standard make Silk Media’s conferencing the most apt solutions for SMEs. For a small group of people, Silk Media offers IVR based Home Office conferencing solutions.

Silk Media also offers VoIP solutions, various Mobile Application Solutions, for vertical markets, storage solutions, EPBAX/IPPBX solutions, data center services, networking & integrated IT solutions, and Digital Signage solutions to SMEs.
For Public Sector

Governments are facing globalization and demography as their primary challenges today. Emerging market governments will need to provide the infrastructure, both physical and social, necessary to keep growth on track. How governments rise to meet these challenges, will determine both the shape and pace of world economic growth for decades to come and fundamentally renegotiate the role and purpose of government. Silk Media offers Communication solutions, Security and Network Storage Solutions to PSUs and Government enterprises. Communication Solutions includeAudio Conferencing Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing, VoIP solutions. In addition. We also provide Integrated Digital Signage solutions with centralized control and management.
For Large Enterprises

Silk Media Technologies offers secure, flexible and compatible ways to connect over Audio Conferencing Web/PC Conferencing and Video Conferencing and Voice over IP Solutions. Silk conference offers a user centric platform that provides a common web interface for registration, subscription, user management and billing. Global Audio Conferencing is available to all registered users and can be used along with PC/Web based conferencing to provide a complete collaborative platform for communications between groups across different locations anywhere in the world. Silk Media thus provides Voice, PC and Video over an intelligent, flexible and user friendly platform. We ensure complete security and integrity. Cutting and slashing those travel costs and training expense has now become easier with Silk Conference as you can now manage and account your communication budgets at the department levels and monitor the same. Silk Conference comes in both post-paid and pre-paid options.

Silk Media Technologies also offers Network Storage Solutions, Integrated IT and communication solutions, Digital Signage Solutions and Consulting and Advisory Solutions to large corporations and enterprises.

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