Fiber to the Home  

FTTH is Fiber to the Home. FTTx includes FTTH, FTTC (Fiber to the curb,) FTTN (Fiber to the node) and all other fiber connectivity.

In FTTx the Internet utilizes a backbone of fiber optic cables capable of delivering incredible bandwidth. This inherent ability makes the Internet a prime source for advancing network technologies that can be brought to the home or business.

In FTTx we at Silk Media Technologies have a rich experience by virtue of partnership with Railtel and BSNL in installing & maintaining equipment and Optical fiber cable as Fiber to the Curb (FTTc) .This is done as a prerequisite for the installation of Last Mile service of which we have a reasonably large base.

  Fiber to the Home
  Metro Ethernet Services
  Hybrid WiFi Mesh and WiMAX Solutions
  IP Surveillance & Security
  GPS Tracking Applications
Our Offerings are :
   Customer Premises equipment installation.

  Managing the central office.

  Offering a low‐cost solution with complete set of basic services to get the fiber to the home.

  Equipment shall provide service differentiators to operators.

  High‐speed internet at cost equivalent to xDSL.

  Video with improved quality.

  Bandwidth sharing challenge.

  Multitude of possible IP‐services will be huge and strongly customer dependent.

We have undertaken several projects in FTTx at Bangalore and Chennai as an approved Networking Integrator to BSNL.
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