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Easy Meet: The simple and convenient conferencing solution from Silk Media
Experience your Audio conferences with high quality and crystal clear calls using Easy Meet conferencing solutions.

With Easy Meet conferencing service, you can conduct audio conference call any time of the day without making a reservation. It’s a Dial-In Conferencing Service, available for both Domestic Toll Access and Single Number Service (SNS).

It is a no frills conferencing service, designed to serve all conferencing needs of small and medium size businesses who want a simple and easy to use conferencing service with no bells and whistle in it.

It is a customized service to meet your various business conferencing needs;
Check our plans now (Icons for Domestic Toll-Access and Domestic SNS)  
silkmedia_videoconference   Easy to access and simple to use Audio Conferencing service

silkmedia_videoconference   Available 24hr a day *

silkmedia_videoconference   Reservation less, Easy Meet is an on-demand audio conference service, no Pre-booking required.

silkmedia_videoconference   Various prepaid plans to match your various conference needs

silkmedia_videoconference   Unlimited plans are available for high volume usage

silkmedia_videoconference   Available in Domestic Toll and Domestic Single Number Services
silkmedia_videoconference    Call Management functionality. During the call, easy to use keypad functions to manage and control your audio conference with following commands
a) Mute/Unmute,
b) Mute All
c) Lock / Unlock conference
d) End conference

silkmedia_videoconference   Call Detail Report
a) Every conference details are available and can be obtained based on the your convenience

silkmedia_videoconference   Convenient usage based flexible and affordable Pre-Paid Plans

silkmedia_videoconference   Notificationreminders about your conference usage

silkmedia_videoconference   Check your available balance online.

silkmedia_videoconference   Buy additional Pin Pairs for your Easy Meet pre-paid Plans
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