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Casual Conference

Casual Conference - service to small & medium enterprises for their conferencing business needs. Casual conference is a user friendly IVR assisted service which enables the user to schedule & conduct an audio conference from a mobile or fixed phone. Upon registering to the service a moderator can set up list of participants to call. Participants can join the conference by dialing the given access number or moderator can dial out to add a participant. Casual conference is available as both pre and post paid options.
silkmedia_videoconference    User friendly IVR interface for Registration and subscription.

silkmedia_videoconference   Create "Conference groups" of people (clients, customers, partners, friends & family).

silkmedia_videoconference   Moderator Key controls (i.e.) DTMF Commands.

silkmedia_videoconference   One time passcode for participants.

silkmedia_videoconference   Dial-in & Dial out Options.

silkmedia_videoconference   Dial out function to add people to the conference.

silkmedia_videoconference   Change Passcode.

silkmedia_videoconference   Uncluttered Tariff.

silkmedia_videoconference   Forgot/ Change Passcode for Moderator.
silkmedia_videoconference    Talk to upto 32 people at a time.

silkmedia_videoconference   Hassle free registration.

silkmedia_videoconference   Host instant conference calling though IVR assisted service.

silkmedia_videoconference   Communicate from both fixed & mobile phones.

silkmedia_videoconference   Can talk to any subscribers of any network.

silkmedia_videoconference   Schedule conference on the go.
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