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Caller Push Tones

Caller Push Tones or CPT is a personalized media tone that is selected by a caller and pushed to the dialed party as the ring tone. The caller can select from a list of CPTs. The CPT trumps any existing ring tone that may be configured on the recipient’s phone, putting the selected media tone associated with a specific call in the hands of the caller. The application currently supports pushing of Audio and Video tones on Symbian and Java based mobile phone and is being expanded to other platforms such as RIM and Windows Mobile.
End-user Application
CPT users need to install a CPT mobile client on their mobile phones. This CPT mobile client reminds when it receives a trigger from the CPT server for new content requested by the user and automatically fetches the content on to the handset. The CPT mobile client is also used to activate and push media tones to the other party other than the web.

The communication between mobile client and the CPT server is on GPRS. The application is meant to run on any phone running symbian OS. The CPT mobile client application can be downloaded through WAP, infra red or a data cable, and installed on symbian handsets. The application is triggered automatically on incoming message and always runs in a background mode.
silkmedia_voicedrop    Push ring tone clips

silkmedia_voicedrop    If the called person likes the ring tone, the service also enables him or her to instantly buy a copy       of the ring tone for their own phone.

silkmedia_voicedrop    Real-time interactive multimedia ring tones, Images & Videos

silkmedia_voicedrop    Be creative, be fashionable personalize your mobile phone, personalize yourself, be individual and       above all choose the right ringtone for YOU on your friends phone.

silkmedia_voicedrop    Push ringtones, video clips and pictures to friends and family that you want them to hear and see.
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