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Silk Media brings the carrier grade TDM voice conferencing to customers from any network operator in India and around the world on a single platform. This is a full featured global business class conferencing with all the associated moderator controls, high level of security, recording and retrieval options, SMS and Email conference schedule notifications & reminders.

The portal assisted conference offers a user centric service with highly customized features and options such as
   Live Conference – monitor &control participant over Portal.

   Dial out option during the conference.

    Sub conference options.

    Dial out option during the conference through DTMF & Web (Domestic & International).

   Sub conference options.

   Initiate Conference Via Web (Meet Now).

   Additional functions & controls are available through DTMF commands.

   Conference Recording & Dedicated operator Assistance.

   Conference reminder & notification over SMS & Email.

   Passcode Customization.

   Conference Call Summary Report Over Email & SMS.


   Moderator will receive the consolidated Participant attendees list via SMS.

   Toll & Toll free access Global wide.

   Additional .

   Schedule meeting via Web & Mobile (Android, Blackberry).

   Customized Greetings.

   Conference Summary via SMS & End of Call report via Email.

   Conference Recording & Retrieval option and Dedicated operator Assistance.
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